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Stephen Gately RIP

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Stephen Gately recently passed away over the weekend (see Telegraph – Stephen Gately Boyzone Star Dies Suddenly on Holiday). As well as being a talented musician he also did a lot for gay people after coming out in 1999. For example in their recent video “Better” he had a male partner see:

When he came out, he came out saying he was gay and in love, normalising gay relationships as loving ones that are about more than sex.

So Rest In Peace Stephen. My love and hugs to his partner Andrew, it must be horrible to loose your partner in this way. So final.


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Boyzone – Better Video

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The new boyzone song, better is fantasic. Not only a good song, but Stephen Gately (who is openly gay) has a male partner.

You can see the video here:

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Unfortunately the homophobe’s have already been on commenting. The usual comments, including how wrong it is blah, blah.

Get a life! Then you can stop commenting on other people’s lives!

Oh and 1 in 10 people are gay, lesbian or bisexual. So you probably know a few. What you going to say to your nearest and dearest when they come out?


Rant Over,


Edited (18/12/13 @ 22:38) – YouTube Video Updated

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