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Talk Talk’s Incompetence and Terrible Customer Service

By Friday 14 November 2014Technology, The Web
talk-talk-logo Talk Talk are incompetent and terrible at Customer Service. This is a summary of what I’ve learned from trying to place a new order with them.

My switch over date was supposed to be Monday 27th October 2014, with the router to arrive before and the Engineer to come on the day. No router arrived. No Engineer arrived. I complained to Talk Talk on their premium phone number, by email and by Twitter. I spoke to a Talk Talk Manager on the phone whose English I could barely understand and who could barely understand me. After 72 hours she still couldn’t tell me what the issue was with my order or what had happened with it. I called my old provider to arrange a further month of broadband and they told me that Talk Talk hadn’t even contacted them to let them know that they would be taking over the line.

Feeling irritated at this point, I told the Talk Talk Manager to cancel my order but apparently she couldn’t. I canceled my direct debit and told her this. I told her that I had emailed Talk Talk to confirm in writing my demand that they cancel the order. I informed her that I have a legal right to cancel the order, as the cooling off period is 14 days from commencement of the service being provided. And I still haven’t received any service from Talk Talk.

The whole point of switching to Talk Talk was to save money. Talk Talk’s incompetency and frankly terrible customer service has cost me £150. This £150 comes from: time off work speaking/emailing/tweeting them, time off work for the engineer visit, many phone calls to their premium line phone number and an extra two months broadband with my old provider (which has cost more as is a rolling contract).

I have now signed up to Plus Net for the same monthly price. So far, so good. They have done everything they said they would and have kept me informed throughout the process. The switch over date is today and all has gone well.

Mini-Rant Over,


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