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Book Giveaway: Zombie/Apocalypse 2012 by Ian McClellan

By Monday 2 September 2013Amazon, Books & Authors, The Web
zombie-apocalypse-2012-political-horror-story-ian-mcclellan Zombie/Apocalypse 2012: A Political Horror Story by Ian McClellan is a zombie tale with a political background story- not from a left or right minded perspective, but from that of an average American who feels left behind by the system. It is the tale of a regular guy- an unemployed factory worker- in the first days of the end of the world, a time in which the ways of doing things have become muddled between pre and post apocalypse.

I’ve got one copy of the book to giveaway to one lucky reader. All you have to do is comment or send me an email on my Contact page saying you want to be entered into the draw. The deadline for entries is Saturday 14th September 2013 @ 13:00. The winner will be randomly selected by myself, notified through email and I’ll post the name of the winner on the blog.

McClellan says that the book offers an alternative insight into the state of today’s politics:
“My book is a funny and entertaining look at the politics of the zombie apocalypse. Hopefully, it can get people asking why politicians keep fighting each other instead of doing something for the American people, and why the media keep asking all the wrong questions.”

Zombie/Apocalypse 2012: A Political Horror Story by Ian McClellan has been named ‘Best Indie Zombie Book’ by Zombie Guide Magazine. I’m getting a copy to read and review and I can’t wait. If you love zombies, politics or both enter the giveaway now.

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