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TV – Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 9

By Thursday 29 September 2011Amazon, Reviews, TV, Online Streaming & Films

Episode 9 jumps forward from the last episode. Gwen’s back in Wales, living with her mum and her dad whose stashed in the basement so the government don’t take him away as a Category 1. Gwen’s making her living by breaking into pharmacies, stealing pain killers and selling them on the black market. Captain Jack is being nursed back to health by Esther somewhere in Wales. While Jack’s recovering he’s having his blood drained as it seems to be a threat to the three families.

Meanwhile Rex is in America still working for the CIA. He’s finally starting to suspect someone in the CIA department is working for the three families. I say finally because for an intelligence agency they aren’t that intelligent (Rex included).

Oswald Danes escapes from America and arrives at Gwen’s house seeking help. Rhys lets him in as he’s disguised as a shopping delivery guy (albeit poorly I might add) and Rhys is distracted by the baby. Gwen gets in touch with Jack and they grill him for information with Oswald the slimy survivor type tries to make a deal with Jack. If you remember, in Episode 8 (see TV – Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 8) Oswald was made a Category Zero which would have meant instant incineration if caught. The government raid Gwen’s house and find her father – taking him for incineration. Jack asks Gwen what she’d like to do, but her father being taken makes her more determined to end this Miracle.

Jilly (the PR Agent) is now working for the families and is introduced to The Blessing. It’s a cavity deep down in the earth that goes from one side of the world (Shanghai) to the other side of the world (Buenos Aires).

The Torchwood group discover that there’s something going on in both Shanghai and Buenos Aires and decide to investigate. Jack, Gwen and Oswald going to Shanghai and Rex and Esther going to Buenos Aires to investigate. Rex and Esther take Jack’s blood as the families seem to see Jack as a threat.

Jack’s still recovering from the gun-shot wound he got in Episode 8 bleeds in Shanghai and something unusual happens – a drop of his blood moves of it’s own accord. The group follow the blood and that’s how they find the three families facility with The Blessing inside. Gwen phones Rex and Esther and let’s them know how to find The Blessing. But Rex and Esther have already identified where the facility is and have called in the troops. Esther puts the blood on the army truck with the troops and then it’s is blown up. Luckily Rex and Esther are not on the army truck. Meanwhile back in the CIA the big CIA boss identifies the mole working for the three families, but not before Charlotte (the mole) sets off a bomb in the department and escapes, getting away with it.

Both of the Torchwood teams end the episode entering the facilities and being met by people who work for the families.

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