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TV – Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 6

Episode 6 starts with Rex seeing Vera incinerated. Rex vows to avenge Vera’s death. Over in Wales with Gwen following her father’s second heart attack he is deemed Category 1 by a doctor. Gwen who approaches the doctor and explains about the secret module and what goes on there. But the doctor already knows and claims she’s just doing her job. Gwen says “Shame on you. Don’t ever call yourself a doctor again.” One of my favourite lines of dialogue. Gwen eventually gets her father out of the over flow camp with the help of Rhys. She drives on a motor bike with the secret module in the background and then puts in her Torchwood contact lenses. Gwen blows up the secret module before escaping. Although a good scene, I found myself thinking: where did she suddenly get that rather nice flashy bike from?

Meanwhile in America Rex and Esther are still in the over flow camp. The director of the camp puts the camp on lockdown following incinerating Vera. Rex needs to get out of the camp and fools one of the soldiers to get his uniform, but Rex gets caught. Rex meets the camp director and Rex tells him all about Vera – unaware that it was the camp director who murdered Vera. Esther can’t get hold of Vera on her mobile and she’s worried about Rex. Esther had gone into the camp under the guise of an Administration Assistant. Esther finds out where the director has gone and follows. But the director realises that Rex and Esther know each other and Esther is forced to kill him in self defence. She finds Rex and releases him, upset that she’s killed someone. Rex reminds her that she didn’t kill him as it’s Miracle Day.

While all this is going on Captain Jack is following his own lead on the investigation. He targets the Chief Operating Officer of Phi Cop using his PA who he’s having an affair with. The Chief Operating Officer tells Jack that he’s sent agents to investigate Miracle Day himself and that he doesn’t know whose behind it. He tells Jack that he’s the middle man as everyone else seems to be and that he’s never seen the system manipulated to such a level politically and economically. He says that whoever is behind it must have been planning Miracle Day for a long time. Finally he says that one of his agents in Italy once described that they had found The Blessing, but that he has no further information on it.

Gwen finally arrives back in America to rejoin the team. Walking through the airport she gets a tannoy call to use the curtsy phone. Gwen picks up the phone and hears one word “lenses” (referring to her Torchwood contact lenses). Gwen puts them in and sees written messages. “We have your mother. We have your husband. We have your child.” Gwen asks what they want and they answer with one word “Jack.” Gwen is faced with a dilemma. Her loyalty for Jack versus saving her family. That ends Episode 6 leaving us wondering what will happen next in what’s turning out to be a fantastic series.

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