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TV – Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 10

By Friday 30 September 2011Amazon, Reviews, TV, Online Streaming & Films

In Episode 10 – the final of the series we learn more about The Blessing. I previously described The Blessing as a cavity deep down in the earth that goes from one side of the world (Shanghai) to the other side of the world (Buenos Aires). Through the dialogue between Jack, Gwen, Oswald, Rex, Esther and the people working for the three families we learn that those who look into the cavity see their soul. We learn that rather than being extraterrestrial (what normally Torchwood deals with) it’s been on the planet since the begining of time. That it has a symbiotic relationship with the animals on the planet (including humans) and is just trying to be kind. The episode makes you think – You what???
And unfortunately that isn’t the only disappointing point of the Episode.

We discover that the three families want to have ultimate power over the human race – to decide who lives and who dies. We learn that the family used Jack’s blood to find The Blessing and then used his blood to cause this cavity that has a symbiotic-link to humans to make everyone immortal. Jack quickly susses out that as the last moral man in the world if he puts his blood into the cavity it will make everyone mortal again. But there’s one problem – the blood needs to be put in at both Shanghai and Buenos Aires and we know that Rex and Esther’s supply of Jack’s blood was blown up in the last Episode (see TV – Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 9). Somewhat predictability Rex has Jack’s blood in his body.

Gwen prepares to shoot Jack. The families shoot Esther and tell Rex if he ends the Miracle she will die. But again somewhat predictably Jack gets shot by Gwen and dies (but we know he’ll be ok) and Rex rips off his bandage on his chest sending blood into the cavity.

The next scene was probably the best scene of the episode. “They called it the last breath.” All those people who should have died take one last breath before dieing. Jack comes back to life (no surprise), Rex gets good medical treatment and recovers. They attend Esther’s funeral and Charlotte (the CIA mole) stands next to them. On the way out Rex discovers that Charlotte is the CIA mole via his PDA and she shoots him. But Rex recovers and heals like Jack is – perhaps Jack isn’t the only immortal one any more (boringly predictable)? Charlotte gets apprehended and taken into custody.

For me there were a lot of loose ends that where never tied up. Who were the people at the beginning of the series that went to Gwen’s and Rhys’ house pretending to be lost? Who were the people watching Gwen when she was deported to Wales? What did the UK government and Unit do to investigate? Lots of little loose ends. The storyline started off well but in the last two episodes became completely predictable. The positives are that the actors (in the majority) were good, that it had some good action scenes and early on in the series it had lots of twists and turns in the story keeping you guessing as to what had caused Miracle Day.

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