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The Contact Me Form

By Sunday 5 June 2011Technology, Thinking

On the Contact page there’s a form that allows people to send emails to me. It sends emails to an inbox that I only check occasionally. This inbox was specifically set up for the website and one that I change every few years. Sophisticated SPAM technology finds email addresses through these forms and bombards them with advertising, which is why emails from the site don’t go to my main inbox.

This is something I really regret today. I logged in and found an email from an old friend dated February stating that his mother had passed away and inviting me to the service and wake. He couldn’t find me on Facebook (not surprising with my privacy settings), so he’d used the Contact page. When I think back to his mother, oh she was an incredible woman! She was wise, always made me smile and laugh. I would have liked to go, pay my respects and say goodbye.

So it will never, ever, happen again. I’ve set up a forwarder to my other email account I check at least once a day. So you can expect if you use the Contact page, that I’ll actually recieve it and get back to you if you require a reply.

Sleep well,


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  • Sye says:

    Hey man,

    I use the same style of email form on the OMG website and that doesn’t receive spam, maybe you could switch to that?

    Well, I say it doesn’t receive spam, apart from all the shite people have signed the email address up to regarding IGLYO and other LGBT conferences (now we receive emails in spanish, fantastic!)

    Sorry about your friend 🙁

    – S

  • Antony says:

    Hey Sye,

    Thanks. Will talk about the contact form when I next see you.

    A x

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