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Salsa Tuesday’s

By Monday 1 February 2010Friends & Family, Life

“When are you going to take me dancing?” I said smiling.
How about Salsa on Tuesday? My friend replied.

So off we trundled to our first Salsa class. On entering the Labor Club hall I noticed the lack of males present, they blended in the crowd of about thirty women. The odd man dotted about looked as if they had seen better days. Their faces cracked and their eyes grayed from seeing years of life. The women on the other hand seemed to be diverse. Women of all different ages, some in conformist colours – blacks and grays, whereas others in bright expressive colour.

As my friend and I sat with our drinks, it seemed that I was attracting the attention of some of the many women. At first I was flattered, being unusually the centre of attention. They walked passed the table, each taking their turn and scanned me with their eyes from top to bottom.
“Don’t leave me. Some of these women could eat me alive” I whispered to my friend as another woman scanned me.
“Look she’s old enough to be my mother.”
And we laughed.

The class started and we laughed. All night we laughed. We even learn’t some Salsa steps as well. So it seems my Tuesday evenings have become Salsa Tuesday’s. Can’t wait for my next lesson tomorrow.

Write soon,


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  • Mike says:

    Sounds like the start of a new aadventure…

    To say thank you for your blog I nominated you for a Kreative Blogger Award. I got nominated by someone who reads my blog, and I’m paying it forward to you. There’s no money in it or anythimg, but then on the other hand it isn’t a crazy stalker type thing either so I suppose that works. Anyway, I hope you take the gesture in the spirit it’s meant 🙂

    Thanks! And keep blogging…

  • Antony says:

    Hi Mike,

    Yes it is a bit of an adventure. Well something new 😀 anyway.

    Thank you for your nomination for the Kreative Blogger Award, how does it work? Do I just post mine as a blog post like you did?


    A x

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