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Book Review: Book by Whoopi Goldberg

By Sunday 10 January 2010Books & Authors, Reviews
book-whoopi-goldberg First off I have to say I was disappointed with Book by Whoopi Goldberg. I was expecting to read of Whoopi’s private life, but she kept her private life just that, private. She doesn’t discuss how a black woman, living on welfare became a master comedian and Hollywood movie star. But enough of what she doesn’t discuss, let’s talk about what she does.

She writes as she speaks, witty, cleaver, politically minded and with an air of spiritualism in some parts. She has split the book in to topics including: fate, wind, trust, head, home, self, eggs, space, cost, cheer, flock, love, race, sex, need, heir, choice, drive, death, word, dick, talk, taste, dream & help. She gives her views, thoughts and opinions on all of these topics. With some very interesting view points.

I do like Whoopi, I have to say this at this point. Indeed she is an inspiration to me (see People that inspire me). But the book wasn’t a page turner. It was one I’d pick up and read bits of from time to time. I actually bought this book quite sometime ago, but I’ve only just finished it now. So if you like a book you can pick up, read bits, put down again and like Whoopi you may enjoy it. But my disappointment remains.

Have you read it? What do you think? Leave a comment.

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