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An evening of romance

By Friday 1 January 2010Love & Relationships

A lovely evening of romance was had with JB. Earlier in the afternoon we had gone watching Avatar, bless him I think he only went watching it because I really wanted to see it. It was ace, but I’ll hopefully blog a review another time (if I get chance!).

As JB pottered around the kitchen while I got to enjoy the wine he’d brought. He’d brought wine, all the food and Christmas presents for me all in a big brown box that he had to keep me away from. It was like a game of cat and mouse at one point as I tried to discover what was actually in the box. Then he turned to me and said: “I need you to go in the bathroom.”
“But I don’t need to go.” I responded.
“Just trust me and go and wait in there for 2 minutes.” He said eyes widening as if to say – just go with it.

After a few minutes I am realised from the bathroom to find a lighted candle, two places set on the breakfast bar and some crackers. He encouraged me to pull one, so I did. Inside the usual golden hat, bad joke and then rather unusally a slip of paper. JB reveals that my presents are hidden throughout the apartment and that each cracker contains a clue to where they are.

An evening of eating good food, present hunting, drinking wine and good company followed. We talked about all sorts. Although the evening got to a point were I was ready for bed (let’s just say I hadn’t realised how strong the wine was) and he went to bed in the guest room. Now that is impressive for a gay man to be happy to go to all that effort and not try it on.

I know what your thinking Spoilt and your right. But in my defence, I did do the cleaning afterwards.

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