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What I’d do if I won the euro millions

By Sunday 13 September 2009Thinking

The euro millions is appoximately £85m this coming Friday, according to the National Lottery website. Of course, I will be buying a ticket or two (that goes with out saying really). I know the odds are like billions to one. But it’s the hope of winning that makes you play, isn’t it? The dream of winning…and what you’d do with the cash.

So it got me thinking, what would I do with the money if I won? Well…here’s some ideas.

£7, 650, 000, 000 To charity (10% of my winnings, if I was the sole winner of the jack pot). I think I would donate a considerable sum to organisations working on a cure for Type 1 diabetes, as it is a condition I live with (and sometimes suffer with). Therefore it is a cause close to my heart.

£10, 000, 000 To set up a charity and run the charity to help young people as well as people on the edge of society to achieve their aspirations. I have worked hard, like most people to get where they are. But then I have had a lot of support, that not all people have. A proportion of the interest recieved from saving a certain amount in a high interest savings account (see below) each year would go in to this charity to continously fund it and the good work it would do.

£3, 000, 000 To Family and friends. I would want to help them out financially and make them more comfortable.

£175, 000 To pay off my mortage on my apartment (see The Move) any debts and to travel.

£60, 000, 000 In a high interest savings account (as suggested by my step dad Dean), so that I could live off the interest and pay some of the interest in to the charity.

Ha ha and I’d have to think about the rest! What would you do?

Antony x

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  • Mike says:

    £85 million. I really don’t know. £60 million in a normal account would yield nearly £1.2 million net. I don;t even know what I’d do with near £100,000 a month… I tell you what, though. I really would travel in style 🙂 and buy somewhere nice to live. Like Quebec.

  • Antony says:

    Ha ha, £1.2m, I’d give at least 10% of the interest after tax to either charities or my charities to continue the good work!

    I’d like to travel, but weirdly would like a mix of luxury and sluming it (staying in hostals and the like) just for the authentic travelers experience!!

    I think I’d live in this country still (have loads of family and friends here whom I love), but I’d have plenty of long holidays abroad and take them with me!!


    A x

  • Sye says:

    I think after doing everything I wanted to do to my body (get my hair done, sort my teeth out, join a gym) I would start giving it to good causes. The only ones I could think of are the cancer trust, stonewall and possibly a local wigan charity or arts foundation.

    then I would travel all around the world taking pictures and seeing all the people Id made friends with online but never thought I’d see. (and probably take someone with me for my round the world tour.)

    After that and some clever investing, who knows!

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