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The Cabinet

By Tuesday 2 June 2009Home, Shopping

Have you ever had an image of a piece of furniture or other item in your mind before you’ve even seen it?

This was the case with a beautiful cabinet, I had never seen it. But I could describe it, frosted-glass silding doors with metal feet an inside wooden shelf sideboard. It needed to be the right height to fit under my in my living room window. And the reason for the sliding doors is so that I don’t have to move my couch up making the living room look squashed (see The Move).

I randomly typed in to google: frosted glass sideboard.

And I found it! See The problem? The price. Well over-priced. I have searched high and low to find this cheaper but I’m struggling.

So if you see my beautiful, cabinet some where, please let me know.

It is weird how I had the cabinet in my head clearly with out ever seeing it.

Write soon,


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