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By Wednesday 8 July 2009Love & Relationships

Isn’t it funny that how someone says something can have a huge impact on it’s meaning? If I write Men it doesn’t quite have the same meaning as me saying “Men” with a sigh. The sigh adds a whole new dimention and meaning to the word.

I am having several man related issues at the moment (in no particular order):

1. The date? – I call him that with a question mark on the end because we are due to go on our first date on Saturday for brunch. He texted me saying he’s got credit. So I text him back a nice message and no text back all evening. Is there a certain amount of time I should allow for text back? He is lovely though he interests me and makes me laugh loads. However I’m a bit unsure about no text back.

2. The friendly ex – I have named him this as he’s an ex-partner. I want to be friends but he likes me in a more-than-friends way. I have been honest with him about my feelings. What else can I do?

3. David – he still has my stuff, I feel that mum may have been right. She said that I would never hear off him again and have no chance of getting my stuff back. He doesn’t have anything of value – but you know it’s the principle. My stuff = my stuff.

Men can be confusing at times. Any advice welcome on a postcard or better yet comment.


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