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Making positive change for those with Type 1 Diabetes

By Monday 23 November 2009Health

A while ago I blogged about Hope for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. I had some positive comments from readers (thanks guys & galls).

I received a response from the email I sent to The Faustman Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital it read:

“Hi Antony,

I apologize for the delay in response, our clinical research coordinator has been on medical leave for the past month. Unfortunately, we do not keep track of or comment on other trials. Thank you for your interest and please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

Take care,
Rabia Malik”

(From: Email, Recieved: 13th October 09)

I doubt they don’t keep track of other clinical research trials, more likely with the litigation in America they are unwilling to recommend a trial incase it goes wrong and I take them to court. What I liked about their trial is that they are dealing with the cause not the symptoms of the disease.

So I did a Google search to establish the cost of diabetes for the NHS and found this article from The Guardian: Diabetes costs NHS £1m an hour, charity says. Now whereas it includes Type 1 diabetes (my type) and Type 2 they are often bunched together by the media. According to the article:

The total cost to the NHS equates to £9bn-a-year.
(From:, Last accessed: 14th November 09)

So with this in mind, it makes financial sense for the Government to commission research in to a cure for diabetes. So I’ve set up a petition at No. 10 Downing Street, please go to: and sign it.

Many thanks & hugs,


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  • Sye says:

    I’ve tried signing your petition twice but it won’t let me 🙁

  • Antony says:

    How bizzarre,

    That’s the government website. What’s it’s saying? What’s the problem?

    Once you’ve signed it, they send you an email and you do have to click the link to confirm the that you’ve signed the signitature.

    Try again and let me know how you get on,

    A x

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