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Is Russell Howard gay?

By Friday 10 July 2009Thinking

I seem to get a lot of search results from people typing in: is Russell Howard gay?

I don’t think he is, I am sure when I went seeing him (see Russell Howard, Campness & Heating) he said he had a girlfriend. But I did find this funny clip of him talking about teaching about gay relationships to children:

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Very funny. He makes a good point though, kids don’t care about who you have relationships with. Why is it so important when we become adults?

Write soon,


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  • Mike says:

    Russell Howard isn’t gay! It’s disappointing any cute, young, funny guy (not unlike yourself) is assumed to be gay. The clip is funny though, and you make a good point: kids don’t care about hte colour of your skin, what you waer, how much you earn… chocolate, now that’s different.

  • Antony says:

    No. But judging by the amount of people that find their way to my site my searching for is russell howard gay, he wouldn’t be short of offers if he was lol.

    Thanks for the complement, I think, lol, not sure if it’s true though.

    If only we could be more like children – less judgemental.


    A x

  • Matthew says:

    He is!

    He has been out since 17

    and he aint got a girlfriend ! sorry ladies

  • Antony says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for the comment. How do you know lol?

    I did suspect he might be (and I thought he was hot), but then he mentioned about having a girl friend at his gig I went too.


    A x

  • Luis (pronounced lewis) (i'm a girl) says:

    seriously he isn’t gay. he had/has (I am not sure atm) a girlfriend. I think he would have mentioned it by now don’t you think? He mentioned his girlfriend in many gigs! Why would he make sooo many jokes about sex with women in his shows if he was gay and if he didn’t want people to know he was gay i think he’d stay away from the sex jokes all together! and also don’t crush my dreams he is F-I-T fit!

  • Antony says:

    I know Luis, I agree! I think it’s wishful thinking for us in the gay community!

    A x

  • Ed says:

    I’m gay and think he is very hot. I’ve heard one story that he told the Sun he was when he was 17. I just like to think he is anyway because hes HOT !!!

  • Matt says:

    I’m not sure if he is or not but I’m trying to find out cuz I think he’s hot 😉 everyone saying he’s had/has a girlfriend but if you go to google images and type in Russell Howard girlfriend I have not seen 1 picture of him with a girl…I’m sure being a celeb someone would have got a picture of him I he’d had a girlfriend.
    Also everyone saying that he uses sex jokes and talks about ex girlfriend on his sho … If he constantly went on about ex boyfriends and having sex with guys it’s guna lose him a lot of fans so I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to do that haha
    Next on the list, he talks about gays a lot … Almost on every show of his and he never criticises them or says anything bad about them, in my opinion I think he is trying to get people comfortable with gays,
    Also in my opinion reeding all these comments on websites and stuff and seeing ye way he acts on stage and all the pictures I’ve seen of him I’d say I’m about 85% sure he is gay, I’m not saying he is so don’t go criticising me and proving me wrong but this is all just my opinion.

    … Wow life story or what … Haha

  • Antony says:

    I agree Matt, he does talk a lot about gays especially in his BBC3 Good News show.

    I guess we’ll never know for sure unless he comes out and identifies his sexuality, but you’re right he is hot!

    A x

  • Matt says:

    Last one I watched he talked about jeremy clarkson James may on top gear then said “we’d all watch it then” 😉 haha legend

  • Matt says:

    Wow it took off tee bagging haha in the middle of the two names :p

  • Antony says:

    ha ha yes, plus he always seems to cover the gay stories in the news and has said lots of other things that are gay-type-things-to-say as well as being generally camp in previous episodes.

    A x

  • Phoebe says:

    I’m sorry to put down but he isn’t gay if you want proof go on Facebook put ninette Howard (his mum) and then go on her friends until you find Cerys Morgan, if your a fan you should know he has a little beagle/jack Russell and in Cerys photo she is there with Russell’s dog there is no article on him being gay and he is open minded so he will not say impolite things about gays but instead will compliment it. He would of by now came out to his family and fans but has not, finally in all 3 DVDs he has mentioned a girlfriend, I am a massive fan of Russell howard and have been to right here right now Dingledodies and live,
    Sorry to put you down Phoebe

  • Phoebe says:

    Oh and god knows how I found this website !!!

  • Antony says:

    Hi Phoebe,

    Thanks for the comment! Your probably right, but to be honest I don’t care about his sexuality. He’s funny and that as a comedian is what he’s suppose to be. Plus I do like the fact that he’s got no issues with gay people.

    I wrote this article years ago, after people kept coming to my site by typing into Google ‘is russell howard gay?’ So at the time I wrote an article on it, seen as people seemed interested. I was trying to make the point: why does it matter? Yet there a still loads of people who search the same and end up at my site.

    Take care,

    A x

  • d.g says:

    No he is not gay he has a girl she is a trainee Dr in a hospital and he has been. With her for years although they did ave a short brakup

  • Deano says:

    Just found this page and I thought id she’d some light , I met Russell and one of his mates who knew one of my friends on a night out, the night turned into a Sunday day too we got pretty mashed and had such a good time but things did happen which would shed some light on your topic of convo but that is all I’m saying lol

  • Antony says:

    Feels like a good time to state that the comments on here are personal opinions of the individual authors and not of Antony Simpson. There any legal stuff covered.

    It’s quite interesting, how many people are interested in his sexuality. Both gay and straight people by the sounds of it.

    A x

  • Charlie says:

    I’d just like to add that there’s always the possibility that he is neither gay nor straight but bisexual 😉

  • Gemma says:

    I got here that way too. Im getting slightly sick of all the gays in popular culture and tv in general, Celebrity Big Brother was the most recent. Seems to be fashionable at the moment. If RH is gay, Im surprised he doesnt flaunt it like all the rest seem to, mincing around acting overtly camp… is it just me or do all gays seem to have the same personality?! They really advertise the stereotype.

  • Antony says:

    Hi Gemma,

    Thank you for the comment. Personally, I’m glad that gay people are in the media. I remember a time not so long ago that gay people weren’t represented in the media at all.

    I don’t think being gay is more “fashionable” simply more acceptable. I’m glad that society is recognising gay, lesbian and bisexual people and what they offer. For me being gay is an integral part of who I am and I was born gay; I didn’t simply choose to be gay because it was fashionable or “in.”

    I see a lot of straight people who flaunt their sexuality Gemma, but unlike you I don’t mind.

    In terms of stereotypes, every community has them. There’s probably as many gay people, who play rugby or football and act like a straight man as there are that “mince around” or “act overtly camp.” I encourage you to get to know some gay people Gemma, you might be surprised. It is obvious from your comment that you don’t have any gay people in your life, otherwise you would realise how wonderful we are.

    It’s only the same a stereotypically a straight woman wants to get married, have children and stay at home. There’s as many women who don’t want to get married or have children, some even want to get married but have the man stay at home so they can have a career. One stereotype can’t account for how people live their lives or the choices they make. Human beings whatever their sexuality are diverse and complex, stereotypes are never able to take this into account.

    If you feel that “mincing around acting overtly camp” is a personality, then I really think you should re-think what a personality is. Both of these are body language and I personally feel that there is much more to a personality than a bit of body language. But hey, don’t take my word for it, just google “what is a personality,” hopefully this might help you find yours.


  • Mark Marlowe says:

    I’ve come to this thread very late, but I think Russell Howard is a very life-affirming man, who – though he swears like a trooper, has a very sweet and good nature.

    He seems very relaxed about talking about sex, and whether he is bisexual or straight he is unjudgemental about peoples lifestyles.

    I think he is one of those men who finds it easy and totally unembarrassing to talk about love and relationships (I remember at a show I saw him at he mentioned that he “fell in love” with his schoolfriend Tom, when he was 5, because Tom got up during a nativity play and said “Well, enoughs enough” and walked out.

    Obviously he wasn’t talking about physical love, but he seems to come from a close and loving family, so it is probably easier for him to be tolerant and good natured

    • Mark Marlowe says:

      Hi Antony, I think one of the great things about men in their twenties and thirties these days is, whatever their sexuality, they can seem to admit to having feelings for their friends, and not try to hide it, for example in their book “Ooh What A Lovely Pair” Ant and Dec write this:

      “Ant:We were 18 years old…we made an agreement – whatever happened, we’d be mates for ever, and neither one of us would ever be on our own out there….If it all ended tomorrow, we’d still see each other all the time and still be best mates”

      “Dec: Without a doubt the best thing to come out of the last 20 years, the greatest thing we’ve ever achieved, or biggest success, has been our friendship, and nothing will ever, ever change that”.

      I must be honest and say I am not fond of some of their programmes, but, as human beings, it shows the warmth and affection these two genuinely have for each other, and the kindness and consideration they showed to each other 24 years ago now, is still there.

      I bet most of us wish we had our own Ant or Dec – I suppose it defines the word “Bromance”

  • Antony says:

    Hi Mark,

    Yes, I think men are finally starting to get over the stereotype of feeling that they can’t show any emotion, especially to other males in their lives, no matter how important they are to them.

    I guess I’m luck to have a few “bromances” with men whom identify as straight and some that identify as gay.

    I try to love the person for who they are holistically and try as much as possible to be non-judgemental. This is how I would brought up, with love and an openness to talk about anything and everything.

    A x

    • Mark Marlowe says:

      Hi Antony, I was unlucky in that I came from a military family, and was an only child. Dad was very much the typical stiff upper lip military man, we moved around a lot, so it was difficult to make friends and there was very little physical affection shown at home, so I have always been a bit awkward and clumsy, which is why I admire men like Russ, Ant and Dec who are just so totally natural and show great warmth


  • Antony says:

    Hi Mark,

    That’s a shame, but I guess we can’t choose our family!

    I totally get your admiration for Russell and the other men you’ve mentioned. If it makes you feel any better I can be a bit awkward and clumsy, and I had (by the sounds of it) a vastly different upbringing.

    I imagine your life is different now with regards to friends and physical affection? If not, remember its never to late to make positive changes in your life :-).

    A x

  • Emilia says:

    I actually came here too while trying to find out if RH was gay. Gay or Straight he is wicked awesome, but I just think that if he met a good looking guy and they clicked and he had he opportunity to do something, I think he would. All these people are searching for this answer for a reason. Even if he hasnt come out, you cant stop being would you are. There are things he does and says that makes you think he might at the very least be bi and although he had a girlfriend, he mentioned that he broke up with her. (Ive kinda blasted through the series so I dont remember when he mentioned it, but he said something about having to get a girlfriend or that he was lonely or something to that extent). Also Im 85% sure he has ADD and I think he is insanely intelligent.

    • Antony says:

      Hi Emilia,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I agree there’s a lot of interest in Russell’s sexuality. For me, I don’t think it really matters – apart from if he’s gay he’s mine LOL (only kidding).

      I agree that he’s a good looking guy, whose funny, intelligent, upbeat and generally a joy to watch.

      He did apparently have a girlfriend – and they did split up – but I remember hearing something about them getting back together again. Remember this came from him, but not sure if it was on his BBC programme Good News or his most recent live standup tour show DVD.

      A x

  • Mark says:

    It’s great that there is no negativity to Russ if he is gay or bi.

    I wish the same could be said for Tom Daley who gets some really unpleasant comments on internet forums. A couple of weeks ago he said in an interview that he wasn’t gay, but that he wouldn’t be ashamed if he was. Not enough for some people who still make comments about his voice being “girly” (but they used to say that about David Beckham)and they seem to forget he is still a young lad (and perhaps a bit young for his age) who only a couple of years ago went through several personal traumas including school bullying and watching his dad (who he was clearly very close to) dying slowly and painfully from cancer.

    He is inoffensive and pleasant as well as talented, so it is a great shame that older less talented people are so cruel.

    The rumour mill has also been in overdrive again recently about Declan Donnelly, in his case because he has a new girlfriend!.

  • Colin says:

    Have only just found this site. Want to say Russell is v sexy and I can not take my eyes of his pecs and nipples. I am first in the queue and have priority ’cause I am 60 but would still show him a good time……..

    • Antony says:

      Hi Colin,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Yes, I think Russell is sexy to, but that wasn’t the point of the article lol. Think I might do an Eye Candy post about Russell Howard sometime soon, if I can find some decent photos of him online.

      A x

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