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Credit Crunch

By Monday 24 August 2009Money / Finances

I must admit that I was worried about the credit crunch when I applied for a mortgage (see The Move). But it all was fine and I thought I had escaped any impact the credit crunch could have on me, wrong!

My main overdraft account is being reduced by £1,000. Ok this is not really because of the credit crunch. Apparently it’s in the terms and conditions of my account as a graduate. 🙁 I mean who reads the small print when you open a new account?

My other account the bank has wrote me a letter. It says I am no longer “elligble” for my £450 overdraft. Not elligble. This could potentially be the credit crunch or the fact I don’t fund the account as much as they would like.

So I have had to find £1, 450 extra cash. Inaddition to this it’s the dreaded car month. You know the month when your MOT, Car Insurance and Road Tax is due.

Recognising this cash flow problem I applied for a credit card. Tesco and M&S rejected me, can you believe it? I have never had a credit card before but always paid my other bills (mortgage – rent before this, phone bills, etc.) on time. The cheek of them. I applied for one more with The Bank of Scotland. Approved. Yes. Must remember not to go crazy with it.

Write soon,


(P.S if you happen to know the winning lotto numbers…feel free to post a comment with them!)

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