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By Sunday 5 July 2009Love & Relationships

I heard this song on the radio:

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It got me thinking about David as it was our song. I remembered I still have stuff at his I need to get (I also have stuff of his that I want to return). But it made me think of our relationship. I wrote this poem about our relationship:


At first I thought it was my issue,
Maybe I wasn’t giving you enough time?
You’d end up crying and I’d hand you a tissue,
But to express what I have learned I write you this rhyme.

It wasn’t about time you see,
It was about us together as a pair,
Controling you could be,
I was blamed for everything – is this really fair?

You’d make comments about my style,
Or about things I’d said and done,
And I began to think I was vile,
Good at nothing and that I was no fun.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough to drink?”
I’d only had two double vodka’s with friends,
It was at this point I began to think,
But drinking for the night comes to ends.

You see I listen and take on board what you say,
But it got too much on that night,
You wanted everything all of your own way,
And then it started the fight.

You yelled and screamed until you were loud,
You intimidated me being right in my face,
I said things in response that didn’t make me feel proud,
And I also spoke loudly to make my case.

But again all of it was my fault,
The blame not shared between us both in the wrong,
I asked you to leave to bring the argument to a halt,
You said you’d forgive me if said sorry but I couldn’t let it roll of my tongue.

Why you ask?
Because I don’t want to be controlled by my man,
I don’t want to feel emotionally blackmailed by someone wearing a mask,
Their mask to hide their insecurities of which I am not a fan.

What I do want is to be loved and cared about,
I want a balanced relationship that is equal,
Anything less I can do without,
So with this particular man there will be no relationship sequel.

I do however thank him for the times of good,
And wish him well for the future.

Written by: Antony Simpson (2009).
Not to be reproduced with out permission.

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