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The Accidential Bump

By Tuesday 2 December 2008Life, Transportation

Today the road was covered in ice, sneakily covered by snow. I have never driven in ice before. Nore was I to do so for long.

I got to the end of my estate where the usual little hill looked like a mountain. I saw a four by four Jeep struggling to get up it and decided that in my tiny Ford KA I had no chance.

I turned around to drive back home. As I turned the corner my car got caught on some ice and it began to slide towards the curb. Closer and closer it came, I slammed on the breaks but it did nothing. BANG!

There goes my wheel and tyre. I parked further down on the road. And went home for a cup of tea.

I rang work and informed them of the situation and explained that I would not be in until I have changed my spare wheel (which would later become not coming in at all).

I managed to change my wheel to the spare (a MAJOR achievement for me!).

I headed down Dean’s (step dad’s). We managed to find a wheel from a scap yard. We then went to a tyre specialist who sorted out my tracking and replaced all of my wheels (it turned out they all needed doing!). So although I am glad they are done (as it will give better grip on the road), I could of done with out spending the £150 it cost.

The lesson in all this: Don’t drive it ice! It’s not safe.

Hoping all is well,


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