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Happy Friday!

By Friday 27 June 2008Friends & Family, Technology, The Web

Happy Friday Everyone!

How’s my week been? Busy.

I had a great time mid-week visiting my grandma. She is now attending a card making club for OAP’s. I’m pretty sure from the description she given me, that it is a Clinton’s sweat shop. After a long chat, she asked me about technology.

Now, years ago when I had more geekish features (such as my acne, glasses and overgrown mushroom styled hair), I was up-to-date. I could answer any question around technology. I spent a lot of time on my computer, as it didn’t care how I looked unlike some of my shallow peers.

However technology has come along way scince I was a teenager, it’s all gone wireless and more convenient. And I have not kept as up-to-date as I would of liked. My attitude these days is: I switch it on and hope it works.

I don’t think I was helpful. But I did show her how to remotely access her desktop PC from her laptop using

Speaking of technology, there had been a delay with my getting the contact page online due to technical difficulties. But I am pleased to say I have solved them. So if you want to email me, use the contact page.

Blog soon,


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