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TV – Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 1

By Saturday 16 July 2011TV, Online Streaming & Films

A few weeks ago I saw an trailer for Torchwood on the BBC and got all excited. Torchwood was coming back on the TV! I immediately series linked it. I was surprised as Torchwood: Children of Earth (available at Amazon and all good retailers) was suppose to be the last series and what a series it was. It had tention, drama, action, emotions and a lot of death. In deed many of the main characters were killed off as it was the last series. Apart from Captain Jack (played by John Barrowman) who is immortal and doesn’t age, and Gwen Cooper who if I remember correctly was just lucky.

So what did Torchwood: Miracle Day, Episode 1 have in store for us? The story starts in America with people who should be dead unable to die. For the first ten minutes we see CIA characters, none of which we know, and only get a glimpse of Gwen’s quite life in rural Wales. She’s now got a baby with Rhys (her long standing partner) and they live “off the radar”, well until Miracle Day happens – were people all over the world simply can’t die.

When Captain Jack finally appears he is looking good (Well the actor John Barrowman is, you can see my love for him by the post tag: John Barrowman). Captain Jack swings in to action as an email saying one word TORCHWOOD is sent out at the exact time Miracle Day starts. Captain Jack must protect Gwen at all costs as the CIA start to investigate Torchwood. What follows is a mix of action and drama, with a really good action scene involving Jack driving a 4×4 on a Wales beach being chased by a helicopter with men in black shooting at them. Gwen rocket launches the helicopter and it comes flying at them before crashing on the beach. At one point Captain Jack gets cut and he suddenly realises, he’s not immortal and indestructible any more. Usually he would have healed, but suddenly he realises it’s reversed. Jack is mortal whereas the rest of the world is immortal.

Episode 1 ends with Captain Jack, Gwen and her family being arrested and extradited to the US by a CIA agent. The format has some similarities and differences to the previous series of Torchwood. Similar is the way it starts off with something happening and a mystery to who’s behind it and why they’re doing it. However the differences were clearly noticeable. The first that the story seems to have been “dumbed down.” Jack makes a point of stating he can now be hurt, which really wasn’t required and obvious plot lines are discussed by characters as a method of explaining to the audience what’s going on. It’s very Americanised, with the story being focused on the CIA and what’s happening in America rather than the UK. This is clearly evident from the offset when American news readers are reporting what’s happening in the world. Being cynical this could be deliberate so that the BBC can show it and get good audience ratings on BBC America.

Overall it’s an OK first episode hasn’t got me as hooked as the Torchwood: Children of Earth first Episode did.

Review Episode 2 after I’ve watched it!

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