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A Theory about Souls by a Wise Man

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The other weekend I caught up with my good friends Simon & Chrys at a small, local Mind, Body & Spirit fair. While having coffee with them one of their friends who I know to be a Wise Man had a theory about souls that interested me. So here it is, regurgitated in my own words:

The world is two thirds over populated. A body is animated it can breath, beat and function without a soul. So there’s this high number of bodies produced but not enough souls to go round. So there are people out their who are essentially soul-less.

This got me thinking: What is a soul? Does it matter if you have a soul or are soul-less? How does this theory link in with the soul-groups theory? (The theory that groups of souls get reincarnated together and help each other learn together over lifetimes.)

I think it’s definitely something worth thinking about and meditating on so that I can continue to develop spiritually.

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