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sheep in the shade

The Stonehenge Adventure (Part 1) – Avebury Stone Circles

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At the weekend my good friend Simon and I went on an adventure to see Stonehenge and other ancient sites nearby. Throughout the weekend it was gloriously sunny and hot. It was so hot that being the car was like being in an oven. Our first stop was at Avebury Stone Circles.

Avebury is a series of three stone circles, one large one with two others within it. The outer stone circle spans the size of a village. Here are some photos:


The Dovecote – Built in the 16th century to house doves (or pigeons) which were kept as food.


Avebury outer stone circle stones (1).


Avebury outer stone circle stones (2).


Entrance to inner stone circle.


The Sanctuary an inner stone circle (from a distance).


The Sanctuary entrance stones.


The Sanctuary stone circle.


A stone nicknamed The Crown, because of its likeness to one.


An outer stone (to show the size of the stones.)


A photo of me with an outer stone (to show the size of the stones.)


The wishing trees.


Ribbons and other things tied on to the wishing trees.


Sheep in the shade under a tree.

Avebury stone circles were amazing. I felt the tingling of energy on my head and fingers as I entered and left the boundary of the outer stone circle. It felt like static electricity.

Essential Info:

  • A series of three stone circles (managed by English Heritage), museum, manor house and garden (managed by The National Trust).
  • Highly recommended.
  • Admission Fees & Opening Times: The stone circles are free entry and open at any reasonable time in daylight hours. For the museum, manor house and gardening admission prices and opening times click here.
  • Car Parking: Charged at around £4.00.
  • Gift shops: There are two gift shops. The first is a National Trust one. The second is a private gift shop that is extortionately over priced and makes the National Trust shop look cheap in comparison.

In Part 2 of The Stonehenge Adventure, I’ll be blogging about our stay in a Travelodge, the pagan commercial mecca which was Glastonbury, the beautiful Chalice Well and the city of Wells.

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