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My Darling Baby Brother

By Friends & Family2 Comments

Alex (Lex),

On Thursday 13th January 2011 you passed away.

I don’t have the words to express how I feel. It doesn’t feel real. My mind can’t understand that your gone. On the rare occasion it does I am hit by waves of sadness.

You will always be remembered and I will always miss you. I love you dearly and this will never change.

Safe Journey,

Antony (Antonio Banderas)

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By LifeOne Comment

The last few weeks I have been packing for hopefully my move (see Things are changing…). The photo above is about three quarters of the stuff. In the next few weeks I will be packing the final bits ‘n’ bats.

I am due to move in the next few weeks – how exciting!

I tried to have a sort out whilst packing to get rid of things I don’t want or need. The thing is…I am a natural horder! I feel I need everything. I am always worried that something I throw away I will need next week?

(This has happened to me in the past. I’ve thrown something away and then then a few days later, had to go out and buy the item again.)

Are you a sheder or a horder? Post a comment and tell me!

Just thought I would share,


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