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Tom Dick and Sally – Online Dating

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It’s coming up to Christmas and I’ve been noticing a lot of couples around. I recently joined Tom Dick and Sally a gay dating website. It was accidental as I clicked on a link on Facebook. Here’s what their website said:

Our vision was to create a same sex dating website which you could show to your friends and family without feeling embarrassed. There is a time and a place for naked pics covered in baby oil; maybe it’s not when you’re trying to get a second opinion on the suitability of a potential date!

It also said that their aim was to help gay men find long term relationships. I liked the ethos of this site, unlike Gaydar and Fitlads that seem sex-based one time meet up. On Tom Dick and Sally they give you a personality test and provide matches based on your personality test. Here were my results:

What do you think? Accurate description of me?

Unfortunately all my matches they recommend live too far, miles and miles away. 🙂 But was interesting to discover more about my personality.

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