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Nick Dylan & Russell

An Update From Nick, Dylan & Russell (My Bengal Cats!)

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I’ve really struggled with my mental health in the last few days. The days and evenings have all been tough. So here’s a video and photo update from Nick, Dylan & Russell, my Bengal cats:

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Nick says Hello, with the cutest meow ever. Video taken a couple of months ago.

A photo of each of them, taken yesterday:


Nick, my black Bengal kitten, he wouldn’t take his eyes off me, I think I was being stalked :P.


Dylan always seems grumpy, well when one looks at his face anyway. He looks like an eternal pessimist.


Russell with the big eyes. He knows how to use those eyes to make all that see him give him attention and fall in love with him.

Despite what people say about cats being independent and not really caring about their owners, apart from for food; my cats have been a great comfort to me. Indeed Dylan, the grumpiest looking one of the bunch seems to be able to sense I’m struggling. He comes over to check on me and rubs up against me. Not his usual behaviour. I think it’s his version of a hug and saying he cares.

Take care & blog soon,


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