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Goals for 2010

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We are already in 2010 and I know I should have already set my goals, but hey I’ve been busy! So here they are:

1. To get my diabetes under better control by testing my blood sugars at least twice a day.
2. To put on weight. (I know most people want to loose it, but I am 10 stone which is less than I weighed at 15 years old when I was 12 stone)

3. To complete a further two modules towards my degree. (see Back to University)

4. To write three short stories.
5. To enter these short stories in Writing Competitions.
6. To read at least fourteen books.
7. To update/tweak/add & remove sections of my website. (as the rest of the site as been poorly maintained since the new site design)

Paganism & Spirituality
8. To host two psychic parties. (see Psychic Party & Home Warming)
9. To buy Astral Projection for Beginners, read it and practice the exercises for more controlled astral projection.
10. Continue to work on invokation of Apollo. (see Apollo)
11. Continue to follow Pagan Festivals.

12. Save regularly.
13. Pay off an Overdraft.
14. Live more frugally. (see Living Frugally)

15. Book a holiday to MyKonos and save for it.

So there we are, ambitious plans for the year a head. Guess I better get a move on and start actioning some of these.

Blog soon,


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