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morning peaks in BM

My New Insulin Regime

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I had an an appointment with my Diabetic Specialist Nurse at the start of this week. She looked over my blood sugars and insulin since January. The upshot is that I’ve not been taking enough long acting insulin (Lantus) and been taking too much rapid acting insulin (Novorapid).

I have huge morning peaks that look like mountains on my Freestyle Libre Reader (read more about the Freestyle Libre here). Possibly the dawn phenomenon?

I’m counting my carbs using the Carbs & Cals App. But I’m awaiting an appointment with a Dietitian to get some advice, help and support around my Insulin to Carbs Ratios. In the meantime my Diabetic Specialist Nurse started me on a new insulin regime.

It’s been tweaked a few times by Diabetic Specialist Nurses based on BM readings before meals and two hours after meals. At one point my BM reached 26.6 mmol/L, I had been told that I’m not allowed to bolus any rapid acting insulin, so I went on a two hour walk to bring it down.

This week I’ve been cranky, not slept well and even had some significant cognitive fatigue all caused by high blood sugars.

Here is my new/current insulin regime:


My New Insulin Regime.

Let’s hope this latest tweak leads to lower blood sugars and eliminates the morning peaks.

Blog soon,



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