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Did You Know? (Part 3 – Geography)

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Did You Know?

This is the third in a series of Did You Know? blog posts. Each blog post gives ten fascinating facts on a particular topic. In part 1 the topic was science. In part 2 the topic was history.

Today, I give you ten facts about Geography:

1. Africa is the only continent that is in all 4 hemispheres: North, South, East and West.

2. Canada has half of all natural lakes in the world.

3. At 8, 848 metres (29, 029 feet), Mount Everest is the world’s highest mountain.

4. Out of the highest 25 peaks in the world, 19 are in the Himalayas.

5. Every continent has a city called Rome, apart from Antartica.

6. The Antartica ice cap has 29m cubic kilometres of ice and represents 90% of all the ice on the planet.

7. Australia is wider than the moon.

8. The UK has over 100 small islands around it.

9. The Dead Sea is made up of 33.7% salt, an unusually high concentration, and it is this that allows people to easily float due to natural buoyancy.

10. Russia is the largest country in the world covering an area of 17,075,400 square kilometres.

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A Sensational Sunset

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One of my New Experiences for 2013 was to see the sun rise and set. A few weeks ago I did manage to see a sensational sunset. It was the first time I’d truly observed a sunset. Click on any photo in this post for a full size image.

sunset-2013-1 sunset-2013-2

At 8:30PM Simon & I parked up in a lovely spot overlooking Rivington reservoir. The sun was due to set at 9:30PM and other people were around. The sun still shone bright and I felt the heat on my skin that emanated from the sun. There was a cool breeze that carried noise from the other people: cars, car radios and chatter. I was feeling excited to experience something new and yet frustrated at the distracting noise from the other people.

sunset-2013-3 sunset-2013-4

As the time approached, most people had gone which made it quieter and I was thankful for this. Simon & I sat on a bench and even nature seemed to go quiet. The only sounds were from the rustling of the trees that swayed in the fresh breeze. The breeze it’s self felt colder than before. The daylight had dimmed in the direction opposite to the sunset. The sun released orange ambers and reds that filled the skyline and reflected off strips of clouds. Time seemed to slow down.

I felt a new appreciation for the life giving warmth and light of the sun. I felt totally relaxed and able to be truly in that moment – without any intruding thoughts. I enjoyed the beauty and magic of the sun.

sunset-2013-5 sunset-2013-6

The sun began to make it’s decent over the horizon; I noticed the moon rising on the other side. The moon’s luminescent glow grew stronger as the sunset. The transition from dark to light across the sky was phenomenal. I savoured the final rays of light feeling awe struck and enchanted. I realised that I’d taken for granted that the sun will always rise and set.

The final moments of the sun’s day go quick – it took 5 minutes to completely disappear from sight. I glanced at my watch and noticed that it was precisely on time. I took a deep breath, the transformation from day to night was complete.


sunset-2013-8 It was a magical experience, almost spiritual; that made me fully comprehend why some people did and others still do worship the sun.

The contrast from light to dark, as the day transforms to night is magical. At one point the sun and moon even looked almost in balance.

The sun is currently rising far too early for me, but I’m hoping to see sunrise later in the year.

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I aim for posts on this blog to be informative, educational and entertaining. If you have found this post useful or enjoyable, please consider making a contribution by Paypal:

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