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A 20% CUT to the BBC

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It’s been announced this week that the BBC are making a 20% cut to their budget after they were told that the TV Licence fee would remain frozen for the next few years. Unsurprisingly it was mostly reported on the BBC with the headlines being: 2,000 job losses, more repeats, less quality dramas and entertainment being created. More information about where the cuts in the organisation they will be made can be found here: BBC cuts at a glance.

As a TV Licence payer I am proud of what the BBC does. I enjoy the various radio stations, and am loving some of the original advert-free TV they produce. Curtsy of the BBC, recently I’ve been enjoying:

Spooks – Sadly entering it’s final series.
(Image Copyright The Telegraph, 2011.)

(Image Copyright Gari’s Blog, 2011.)

Dr. Who.
(Image Copyright Mail Online, 2011.)

Question Time.
(Image Copyright BBC, 2011.)

I love the BBC Iplayer for catching up on TV I’ve missed and the other online services are brilliant as well.

I don’t want to sound like the BBC and I are happily married. Of course I don’t enjoy watching/listening to everything the BBC produce and there are certainly things I don’t like. But overall I do think it’s good value for money for me as a TV Licence payer. I think that the BBC could also be cleverer about selling what it makes Internationally to make back some of the money that it’s being forced to cut.

So my message to the BBC: Keep making good quality programmes (both TV and Radio) and consider what you can flog to the International Market to ensure the quality doesn’t slip.

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Why I pay my TV Licence to the BBC

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I thought I would share with you why I am loving the BBC and paying my TV Licence: for it’s TV programmes.

What I’m watching
Russell Howard’s Good News a comedy programme that looks at the news in the last week and find the funny side of it.
Spooks, now in it’s sixth series a drama about security services, MI5, spy’s and the like.
Merlin a Sunday evening fantasy / adventure programme about the wizard as a young servant to Arthur.

And what’s to come?
Dr Who Special: Sunday 15th November 09
Gavin and Stacey Series 3 Starts: Thursday 26 November
Victoria Wood’s Mid-Life Christmas Special: Unknown at present

There we have it. Write soon,


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