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Book Review: Depressive Illness – The Curse of the Strong by Dr Tim Cantopher

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Depressive Illness – The Curse of the Strong is a best selling book all about depression by Psychiatrist Dr Tim Cantopher. This book is outstanding.

Every aspect of the book has been created with a reader who is struggling with depression in mind.

This book is written as if the author is having a conversation with the reader.

The book is short, a total of 114 pages, as are the chapters, which is intentional as a symptom of depression is having a limited concentration span.

The short chapters mean that the book is easy to dip in and out of. Depressive Illness covers a lot and doesn’t waste a single word.

The book covers:

  • What depression really is and the historic diagnosis and treatment of depression.
  • What causes depression.
  • What the clinical research around depression says.
  • Managing and treatment options for depression.
  • Recovery and staying well in the future.
  • The politics of depression – why we as a society need to be more open, honest and have dialogue about it.

Cantopher’s believes that if you have done too much, been too strong and tried too hard for too long it will lead to clinical depression. This isn’t a failing in the person, in fact quite the opposite.

It’s a wonder that anyone can be so strong for so long. This approach is very empowering for the individual with depression and very true to real life. It is often those that just keep going, those that are there for everyone else who eventually burn out and find themselves in the unpleasant land of clinical depression.

I read this book during a severe episode of clinical depression and was able to do so, by using the chapters to do little and often.

Depressive Illness – The Curse of the Strong is an essential book around clinical depression and should be read by all those interested in mental health and mental illness. For health professionals – particularly in the mental health and illness field this book should be required reading.

Depressive Illness – The Curse of the Strong is available to buy on Amazon and able to be ordered at all good book shops.

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