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Book Review: Dream a little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher

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dream-a-little-dream-giovanna-fletcher-cover In Dream a little Dream Sarah is just fine. Yes, Dan her ex-boyfriend dumped her two years ago for Perfect Lexie. Yes, she has a crap job being PA to Jonathan, her boss who is a truly disgusting man at Red Brick Productions. Yes, she is also a disappointment to her mother – by being single and not progressing in her career. But she’s fine.

Sarah day dreams of being on the research team at Red Brick Productions, but every time she asks Jonathan about a promotion he fobs her off. Brett enters Sarah’s dreams at night. Brett is an old friend of a friend who she always liked.

Sarah has a good friendship group who meet up every Wednesday for a Pub Quiz. There’s Interior Designer Natalia, Sarah’s Housemate Carly, Alastair, Josh, Sarah’s ex Dan and his girlfriend Lexie. The dynamic between Sarah, Dan and Lexie would be awkward, if it were not for Sarah insisting she’s fine with it.

Then Brett enters her life, landing a job at Red Brick Productions. Sarah does the only logical thing, she calls the man in her dreams Dream Brett and the man in the real world Real Brett (just never to his face, well apart from one slip up).

Sarah has a lot to grapple with. First, Dan & Lexie announcing their engagement and quick marriage. Second, dealing with Dream Brett and Real Brett and remembering that they are two different people. Third having fought for a temporary place on the research team at Red Brick, proving her worth by coming up with an idea for a new reality show called Grannies Go Gap and developing the idea.

The idea that someone whom you have dream fantasies about, where everything is lovely and perfect, comes crashing into your real and imperfect world is a good idea and was well executed in Dream a little Dream. The beginning was slightly over written, with Fletcher seeming to labour hard to get the reader to like and have empathy for main character Sarah.

Sarah was a really likeable character and one that had plenty of depth. Unfortunately the other characters, including Sarah’s friends and Real Brett lacked depth. There is a moving scene with Carly and Josh, which made me tear up. It was extremely well and sensitively written and gave these two characters a sense of realism, but it was such a shame that this scene took place towards the end of the book.

The pacing was reasonable. It was just a bit slow in the beginning and middle, meaning that the end felt wrapped up relatively quick. The plot was mostly predictable, with the odd unexpected twist and turn.

Dream a little Dream is a wonderfully engaging read, made so by Fletcher’s warm and inviting writers voice.

Fletcher has also wrote Billy and Me and You’re the One That I Want, both of which I hope to read and review soon.

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