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Joe McElderry

The Independant on Sunday Pink List 2010, my thoughts

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The Independent on Sunday do a yearly ‘Pink List’. For those of you who don’t know, a Pink List is the most influential gay people of the year. I won’t mention the fact that there’s still a quarter of the year to go, I wont. You can read their Pink List here:

As I go down the list giving my thoughts please expect some people to be completely omitted because
I have no idea who they are. Sorry but your just not famous enough to have attracted me attention, yet. No hard feelings, eh?

The Independent on Sunday ‘Pink List’ 2010

1. Gareth Thomas the rugby player absolutely deserves at number one this year. The rugby world along with other sporting worlds remain homophobic and the way gay people have changed attitudes in this country is by coming out to their friends and family. We just need someone from the football world to come out now, my bets on Cristiano Ronaldo.

3. Stephen Fry the broadcaster and writer speaks up for gay rights more than most of the public realise. Recently the media have picked up about his recent relationship breakdown and his new partner aged 26. Come on, like at fifty some-thing if you could get a 26 year old you wouldn’t? Leave the man alone. He will always have my respects, unless of course he did something really bad – like – murder or something equally morally wrong.

6. Alan Carr the comedian known for his show Chatty Man on channel 4 is very funny. I didn’t realise that you could influence people with humor. It seems so, well done Alan. Perhaps I should give that saying about laughing people in to bed a try?

7. Peter Tatchell the human rights activist has been banging on about Marriage as apposed to Civil Partnerships and still campaigns for true equality for gay people. It seems like the job title of “Human Rights Activist” was becoming redundant with the strides forward we made with the Labour Government, but now the Conservatives are back in, you’ve got your work cut out for you Peter. Thanks for standing up for our rights.

10. Sue Perkins the comedian and writer, is she the one whose thin, tall, short hair and glasses? If so, I like her. She seems nice.

12. Scott Mills the Radio 1 DJ, I hadn’t realised was gay! Honestly, I think my gaydar needs some tweaking. Love his radio 1 show, I always listen on my way home from work in the car, it makes me smile and often laugh. Keep doing what you do Scott.

17. John Barrowman, you know I love him. Just see my various blog posts: DVD Review: An Evening with John Barrowman, A week of Torchwood, Inspirational Icons, etc. I’d of put him higher on the list, but purely because I want him, if only people where possessions. Only joking, that would be slavery and that is BAD.

34. Matt Lucas, I haven’t seen him around much since Little Brittan. Oh wait I have heard his voice in Alice and Wonderland though, I think.

36. Simon Amstell, not seen much of him. He’s boring me now on Never Mind the Buzzcocks but that’s only because repeats are constantly on Dave.

47. Derren Brown bless his cotton socks. There’s something I like about this man. I dunno what it is but there’s also plenty I don’t like: his smug attitude. Luckily this year hasn’t been like the last were I was Unable to escape from Derren Brown.

52. Lord Mandelson a Labour party peer, just creeps me out every time I look at him.

55. Matthew Todd the Editor of Attitude magazine. Now I must confess Matthew I didn’t know who you were until recently. I picked up a copy of this months Attitude entitled “The ‘Issues’ Issue” because of the feature “We’ve found the secret to being gay and happy” and I’m really enjoying reading it. Blog post coming soon, when I’ve finished the reading. Attitude has always made refreshing reading when compared to the Gay Times, but well done on a well written and well put together issue this month. Big pat on the back for Matthew!

56. Gok Wan this year has made appearances on the TV Book Club, which isn’t as book-worm-ish as it sounds. I actually like how they tell you what a book is like and then you can sus out if it’s worth buying for yourself.

64. Russell T Davies the former writer Dr. Who seems to have gone back to life behind the lime light rather than in it as I haven’t heard much from him this year. No supprise really, those writter types prefer it there.

70. Julian Clary the entertainer seems to be making a come back to our TV screens recently following on from his former boyfriend going to Austrailia (I found that out in Attitude Magazine as well, a really informative issue). He has been writing books for a while, but I think he’s a gifted entertainer as well, so welcome back Julian, you’ve been missed, well by me anyway.

76. Will Young the former winner of Pop Idol (remember that show? God, that was a life time ago or so it seems) I haven’t seen doing anything. Get in the studio and write and sing a new album out, it’s been a while now.

87. Russell Tovey the actor is simply sizzling HOT! And I really hoped he was gay, am so glad he is. Welcome to the club. Here some links to very yummy images of him:
Again someone remind me, people aren’t possessions. Slavery equals bad.

100. Joe McElderry last years winner of X Factor seemed to have made it at the bottom of the list as a last minute addition. For what? I hear you ask. For coming out as gay. What made me laugh is that he sold his story to The Sun of all news papers. I remember being in ASDA the day the paper was released picking up some bits and bats and as I started to read the unorignal headline: “Joe: I’m gay” a chav said: “Like we didn’t know.” Made me smile.

Overall a lot of the people on the list I didn’t know seemed London based, which is to be expected isn’t it? Don’t you know? London is the centre of the world. Apparently.

Blog soon,


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X Factor Live

By TV, Online Streaming & Films3 Comments

Ok, so this weeks Live X Factor. Here’s who I loved, who I liked, who was interesting and who was bland (my opinion of course).

Who I loved…
1. Jamie Archer – Loved the Jacket, his afro and his overall style. Liked the rock music, made a change for the X Factor. Like soft rock.

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2. Danyl Johnson – Initally I thought it was going to be a load of crap on the VT with all the judges saying it was a womans song. But he pulled it off and very well indeed including the high notes at the end.

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Mini rant about Danni Minogue’s comment….
I was pissed off with Danni Minogue who made a comment about not needing to change the gender in the words, implying that he was gay. He apparently (according to A Cheryl Cole fansite and AC) he’s come out as bisexual in one of the National Papers. Regardless of what his sexuality is, why all the questions about it? You know at one time (remember Will Young on PopIdol?) no one thought to ask about anyone’s sexuality. And to make an apparent “outing” comment about it by Danni Minogue has really annoyed me. What right as she to out anyone? Nobody should feel they have the right to out anyone else. I guess hetrosexuals don’t care about outing anyone in this hetrosexual world. Rant over, on to who I liked.

Who I liked…
3. Olly Mers – smart, shaven, sexy and superve singer.

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4. Lloyed Daniels – He has a lovely smile, boyband blonde hair and had a fantastic voice. He is bound to do well and he is a heart throb who will be loved by teen girls.

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5. Joe McElderry – Not sure about the song choice, but good voice and looked good (had really nice hair).

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6. Lucie Jones – A beautiful and talented young woman.

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Who was interesting…
7. John and Edward – I liked their entrance on to the stage. I also liked the “prep school boy” look. But not the best singing, there was even a point were one of them moved the mic away from his mouth before he’d finished singing.

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Thought the rest were very bland. Nothing really stood out about them. Just my opinion.

Blog TV-square-eyed soon,


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