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January 2010

Six NOT Four

By Life, Thinking2 Comments

I orignally thought I had to complete four modules to get my university degree (see Back to University). I was disappointed to find out I need to do six modules. The cause of this disappointment was not only the additional time that it will take to complete the course but also the associated cost (£760).

I thought about quitting and posted my intention to do so on Facebook. I got loads of comments encouraging me to continue. I then thought about the workload which has been much bigger that I had anticipated (I am currently behind but will meet my deadlines).

In the next semester (starting January 2010) there is only one module that looks interesting and that is relevant to my practice. So after a lot of thought, I have decided to continue. But I am only going to do one module in January. Of course it means it will take longer than I had planned to complete my degree, but it is better to have a manageable workload rather than suffering burn out.

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