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introducing a kitten to cats

My New Kitten Nicholas (Black Bengal) & Introducing Him to Dylan and Russell (My Two Bengal Cats)

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At the weekend, I bought a playmate for my two Bengal cats. His name is Nicholas (Nick) for short. He’s a black Bengal, which are incredibly rare, apparently 1 in 10,000. Here are some photos:


Nicholas (or Nick) my black Bengal kitten.


Nicholas’ space, only lasted a couple of hours.


Nicholas’ was about to jump over the wall I’d made. This meant he needed constant monitoring. I felt like a guard in the Night’s Watch in The Game of Thrones.


Nicholas rubbing against his cat tree.


Nicholas playing (1).


Nicholas playing (2).

Introducing him to the boys and the household has not been without tension. Dylan has begun hissing at Russ and Nick. Russ hisses back. Dylan and Russell are litter mates and have always been together. However they are slowly getting used to each other.

It has made me super anxious, as I’ve never introduced a new kitten to a household with cats. But having read around on the Internet and spoken with others that have introduced new kittens to cat households, all seems to be going really well.

I will keep you updated. Blog soon,



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