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International Mens Day 2910

International Mens Day – Some Inspirational Men In My Life

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Today is:


I have a number of men in my life, in fact they are some of my favourite human beings. They inspire me with their kindness, compassion and wicked sense of humor. These men include:

Papa who is a wonderful listener and has a very dry sense of humor.

Colin from the family that has unofficially adopted me. Colin is fatherly and wise; he is the father that I wish I’d had growing up.

My brother Neil inspires me with his emotional resilience and loyalty. I will always remember his face of absolute child-like joy when jumping in a bin at mum’s to compress the rubbish.

My brother Shaun for always taking life in his stride and never being afraid to make changes to make his life. One massive change he made led to more happiness all round and it no doubt took a lot of courage to face the truth: that neither of them were happy.

My friend Simon inspires me with his ideas, his unique perspective on life and the faith he has in me.

I always feel like the younger soul with these men. But one that they will always nurture and protect.


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