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A Money Bowl

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Money bowls bring wealth to you and your home. They originate in Chinese culture and Feng Shui. The practice of money bowls has recently become popular among Witches, Pagans, Spiritualists and other groups in the UK.

Here is my money bowl:

Good items to put in a Money Bowl include:

  • A green candle – The colour green being associated with money. (Interesting sidenote: in China the colour red is associated with wealth.)
  • Rice – Due to its historic Chinese association with wealth.
  • Cinnamon – Either sticks, ground Cinnamon or essential oil. Cinnamon is associated with money and abundance.
  • Crystals – I’ve used a Citrine point. But you can also use green stones like Adventurine and Malachite. Loadstones are great for attraction (as they are naturally magnetic), if you have them.
  • Bay Leaves – Associated with prosperity.
  • Symbols of money or wealth – Including coins and notes of the currency.
  • Chilli Flakes or Ginger – To give it a magical boost.

Making a money bowl is fun. But it’s important to not make it and then forget about it. Money bowls work by constantly feeding it your energy on a daily basis. So each day try to spend some time with it. Add items, talk to it, meditate with it, do whatever feels right.

It is inadvisable to take items out of your money bowl, as symbolically it is like subtracting wealth.

Every now and then you’ll need to refresh your money bowl to keep it being effective at drawing in the wealth.

Write soon,


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A Positive Spell

By LifeOne Comment

It’s tough times and everybody seems to be feeling it, so I thought I would share with you a spell to bring some positivity in to your life and those around you.

All you need is a candle, ideally white, but I actually used a rainbow coloured candle because just looking at it made me feel more positive.

Sit somewhere comfortable, where you can spend some quiet time visualising without interruption. Take the candle in-between your hands and close your eyes.

Clear your mind of all thoughts, forget about the pressures and stresses of the day. Visualise a treasure chest in your mind and see all of your thoughts as coloured light. See the chest open and absorb all of the coloured light, until all that is left is your clear mind.

Now, think of what would make your life and those around you more positive, more fulfilled and happy. It maybe job security or more money, more time with loved ones, improved health, time to be creative, whatever it is spend at least 10 minutes visualising this in as much detail as you can.

See it actually happening in your mind and imagine how people you know respond when you tell them the news. Then visualise all these thoughts as yellow energy and visualise the energy move from your brain down to your heart.

Now visualise how you will feel when what you have visualised happens. Feel green positive, warm, bright energy of your emotions join your yellow thought energy.

Now see this mass of positive energy flow down your arms, in to your hands and then penetrate and fill the candle. The candle should almost seem to glow with a warm, positive energy.

Each night light the candle for roughly an hour, saying as you light the candle: “Release the energy within, like attract like. Positive energy attract positive things in to my life.”

(Please never leave a burning candle unattended!)

Here’s my candle, and so far it’s working:

More positive things are happening in my life. But more importantly, it seems to have attracted a few new people on my life that give me much joy, happiness and positivity.

Take care,

(The first ever blog post written on my iPhone!)

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