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Wonderful Websites – Shopping

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wonderful-websites-image This is the third blog post in a series titled Wonderful Websites. The first focused on general health and can be read here. The second post focused on mental health and mental illness and can be read here.

This post lists websites for shopping.

1. Ebay has a wide range of products for sale by a wide range of sellers. You can buy practically anything legal on ebay. Items are usually low cost but high quality. Items are posted and arrive quickly.

Ebay beats Amazon to number one as recently Amazon has gone downhill. Amazon has started having delays in dispatching items, App delivery notifications can’t be relied upon and more than once Amazon Logistics have lost ordered items.

I have to say that Amazon’s customer service has been good at sorting out problems, but in the past I never had any of these problems. As a non-Prime member I feel that I’m not as important to Amazon as a customer that is a member of Prime. I’m sad to write that I am loosing confidence in Amazon.

2. Amazon sells anything and everything. Their website is easy to use and has a great search function. I like that Amazon provides reviews for products written by Amazon customers.

3. Waterstones sells books and stationary. I love all things books and stationary. Waterstones is great as they have book shops you can actually go into in real life.

4. ASDA sell groceries, home ware, books, DVDs, accessories, TVs, almost everything these days. But if an item is out of stock in store you can order the item from their warehouses on their website. You can have the item delivered to your home or delivered to your local store for free.

5. IKEA is a Swedish company that sells furniture and home wear. Ideal if you’re moving home, redecorating a room or just have a passion for flat pack furniture.

6. Argos sells a wide variety of products.

7. Staples sell all things stationary and office. Handy if you need pens, notebooks, flip charts, etc.

8. Steam Store is where I buy most of my games for my iMac or Windows 10 Laptop.

9. Groupon is a website I’ve never used. But apparently you get good deals and offers on there.

10. IWOOT (I Want One Of Those) has some cool gift ideas on their website.

11. Not on the High Street has some good gift ideas on it, but also a lot of rubbish (to be polite) products that you have to scroll through.

Have I missed any great shopping websites? If so, please let me know via comment below.

In my next Wonderful Website post I’ll look at wonderful websites for money.

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