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Posts That Were Never Written

By Wednesday 27 March 2024Thinking

Sometimes I don’t write blog post ideas. On very rare occasions, I have written and published a post and later deleted it. So here’s a blog post about these posts, the Posts That Were Never Written.

  1. A post about a wonderful surprise an ex-boyfriend did for me. He sorted through some his old (but like new) clothes (some still had the tags on) and presented them to me in our shared bedroom. When he explained his reasons, I understood. But I still felt like my freedom of expression was being oppressed. All I wanted to do was share with the world how happy he had made me.
  2. Several posts about why relationships haven’t worked out and how I’ve found myself single again. One post in particular I wrote about one man’s lies, mind games and manipulations. I decided in each case that these now ex-partners didn’t deserve any more of my time or energy. So either deleted the post midway through or never wrote it.
  3. in 2018, I felt as though the fairness, justice and equality in Britain had gone. I still feel this way at times. Especially when I read about the ever increasing inequality levels in Britain. I abandoned this post because I couldn’t (and still can’t) find any positive way to write this post. I didn’t want to write a doom and gloom post. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t acknowledge these feelings and challenge people who have influence over change. I read something recently that stuck with me: Trans rights are Human Rights. This is true and reminded me that we all must fight for and demand equal rights and treatment for all.
  4. The Heart Breaking Story of Matthew Shepard. I fully intended to write this story but wanted to read his mother’s book The Meaning of Matthew. Unfortunately the book is expensive to buy and has remained so since I originally had the idea to write his story.
  5. Some Counselling Concepts – This was a blog post I was intending to write detailing some ideas and theories about counselling, when I was undertaking my level 2 Counselling qualification. Unfortunately, I took on a bit more than I could chew and had to drop the idea of this post. I may go back and write about this. My notes from the time mention Unconditional Positive Regard, Empathy, Active Listening, Developing Rapport, Goal Setting and Identifying the Root Cause of the Problem(s).
  6. A series of posts reviewing all of Victoria Wood’s works. After the premature death of Victoria Wood (see Today the World has Lost a Great Source of Laughter) I bought a DVD boxset containing most of her comedy works. I seriously considered writing a series of posts, each one detailing a different piece of her work. I was going to start with Pay & Margaret. But due to the passage of time, it just didn’t get done. I still might do it. But if I do, am I setting a bar for each time a person I admire dies?
  7. A post about Red Flags when dating or in a relationship with someone. I didn’t write this as I didn’t feel I have enough experience dating and in relationships to do the post justice.
  8. The Importance of Trust was a post I nearly wrote about what trust is, why it is important, how to gain it and how it is lost. I decided not to write it, as it felt like it was aimed at an ex-partner. I did however write about trust in my book The Alcohol Therapy Workbook.
  9. More Mental Health Wisdom was going to a series of blog posts that went into more depth about mental illness and mental health. Basically some of the content I couldn’t fit into my first book Mental Health Wisdom. I still might go back to mental illness and mental health in the future and write a further book called More Mental Health Wisdom. It will just depend on developments in the field over the next decade.
  10. I very briefly considered writing a blog post series about my favourite foods, including recipes and photos. I decided against it as isn’t it annoying when people fill their social media feed with photos of their meals? Especially if you’re hungry.

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