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An Amazing Review of My Blog by Stefan at Normadic Boys

By Wednesday 18 November 2020Life

How amazing is this review of my little blog, it has literally made my week:

Antony Simpson is an author and nurse who blogs about all sorts of things to do with these topics as well as more general issues gay people encounter in the world. Describing himself as a ‘gay pagan man’ we were particularly impressed by his book “Mental Health Wisdom“.

It’s not surprising that LGBTQ people are at higher risk of experiencing poor mental health than those who are straight. Antony compiles his own experience as a registered nurse working in the fields of mental health, alcohol and substance abuse into a guidebook for others to understand then improve their own mental health.

As well as his book we enjoy reading his eclectic blog, where he writes about varied topics including (but not limited to) his life, cats, friends, family, paganism, living with diabetes, books, movies, and finance. He also writes short stories and journalistic pieces. We certainly never get bored when we’re browsing his blog!

From: Nomadic Boys (2020)

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