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A Samhain Self-Tarot Reading (Tattoo Tarot Deck)

By Sunday 1 November 2020Paganism

I recently treated myself to a gorgeous Tarot Deck called Ink & Intuition, which is available to buy on Amazon here.

With all the talk of another lockdown and the tier system, for the first time since I can remember, I have done nothing to celebrate Samhain.

Well apart from a self-tarot reading for the next 12 months. Here is what the future has instore for me:

My Self-Tarot Reading (left to right) – The Sun Nov./Dec/Jan 20/21, 3 of Swords Feb/Mar/Apr 21, King of Wands May/Jun/Jul 21, Justice Aug/Sept/Oct.
  • November, December & January – The Sun, Daylight. Peace. Contentment. Devotion. Work’s rewards. Accomplishment. Joy. Please. Love. Success. Engagement. Team efforts bringing good results.
  • February, March & April3 of Swords, Disruptive forces. Incompatibility. Heartache. Distance. Absence. Alienation. Unrest. Confusion. Delay. Loss of bearings. Loss of moral compass. Resolving a moral dilemma. Victory through right actions. The healing power of pure intentions. No pain, no gain.
  • May, June & July King of Wands, Estate owner or manager. Wise. Conscientious. Educated. Pillar of the community. Good mediator. Devoted, loyal. Good conscience.
  • August, September & October Justice, Balance. Equilibrium. Equality. Symmetry. Harmony. Integrity. Honour. Fairness. Neutrality. Moderation. Attraction and repulsion polarity. Oversensitivity.

At a time when the world is in chaos it can be difficult to look forward into the future. Especially as no one knows what it will look like. There’s a feeling of a loss of control over one’s life. But there is hope.

The future is full of infinite possibilities, because it has not yet happened. With this in mind I’ll be making plans to ensure the year ahead is a happy one and one to remember.

Blog soon,


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