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Two Different Dietitians & My Changed Insulin Regime

By Tuesday 16 October 2018Health

Tonight I’m confused. Confused and demotivated.

Three weeks ago I had a really productive appointment with a Dietitian. We talked through my diet, insulin intake and carb counting. She was realistic and we set realistic and achievable goals. The plan was:

  • Increase my Lantus insulin.
  • Achieve a before breakfast BM of 4-7 mmols.
  • Novorapid insulin at a 1:5 ratio (1 unit for every 5g of carbs)
  • If BM High correction dose 1 unit to reduce BM by 2 mmols.
  • Take Novorapid insulin 20 minutes before meal – as it takes 20-30 mins to begin to take action.

Over the past three weeks I’ve increased Lantus units, see my changed insulin regime here:


My Changed Insulin Regime

Fast forward to today and I saw a different Dietitian. The new plan, at least I think it is:

  • Check all pre-meals BM using my finger pricking TEE2 Meter. The Dietitian didn’t think my FreeStyle Libre was accurate enough.
  • Measure food using a cup/spoon and scales to come up with standard sizes and the the number of grams. The Dietitian didn’t seem happy with my use of Carbs and Cals App.
  • Lose weight. Eat 40-50% less Carbs per day. Exercise (I’ve heard this from my Diabetic Consultant, Diabetic Specialist Nurse and now two Dietitians).
  • Replace Carbs with Veg. She recommended that I have 2 portions of fruit and 3 of veg before my evening meal.

The Dietitian today was very tell-y and some of the plan I felt was unrealistic. But every time I tried to raise this she just repeated what she’d said previously.

I left feeling confused, not listened to and utterly and completely demotivated.

Write soon,



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