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Theme Hospital Reinvented – Two Point Hospital

By Friday 20 July 2018Games

Two Point Hospital Screen Shot (1). Image From & Copyright Thumb Sticks.

The classic Theme Hospital simulation game has been reinvented with the new name Two Point Hospital. I’ve watched the trailer (below), viewed screen shots and watched game play on YouTube.

It appears that they have taken the best bits of Theme Hospital and put them into Two Point Hospital. That they have improved some features of the original. Along with adding many fantastic new features. Most of all, they have kept that wacky sense of humour associated with Theme Hospital.

Here’s another screen shot:

Two Point Hospital Screen Shot (2). Image From & Copyright Hardcore Gamer.

Here’s a trailer:

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The game is being released on Steam on Thursday 30th August 2018, on both Windows and Mac. It’s priced at around £25.

I’ve already pre-ordered it and can’t wait to play!

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