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Prison Architect: Alex’s Name in the Game

By Saturday 9 January 2016Friends & Family, Games

I’ve been a supporter of Prison Architect since the pre-alpha. Prison Architect is a game in which you build, manage and maintain a prison. The Player manages every aspect of the prison including: the staff, the prisoners, the routine, the rehabilitation programmes etc. Here is a trailer for Prison Architect:

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The more I played Prison Architect, the more I thought of Alex, my deceased younger brother and that he would have loved the game. So I bought a pre-alpha package that allowed me to put his Name in the Game as a Prisoner. Here he is:


Alex’s Name in the Game (Click image for full size)

I got to choose what the character looked like – I opted for brown spiky hair, the character’s date of birth – I put Alex’s in and option to write a short bio for the Prisoner Alex ‘JC’ Simpson. Here’s what I wrote, mainly intending to be funny:

“Alex ‘JC’ Simpson is a notorious criminal in his region of origin. Manipulative, clever and cunning. Never completely take your eyes off him. Has a long history of crime, dating back to when he was born. He says ‘The Feds have got nothing on me.'”

I like to think he would have liked to be Named in the Game. It’s coming up to five years since he passed away and I still think of him everyday.

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