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Amazing Illustrations from the Talented Sye Watts

By Monday 15 September 2014Friends & Family, The Web
logos compared

Left: The Old Logo, Right: The New Logo (2011)

Some time ago I commissioned my good friend Sye Watts to design a logo and some icons for my blog. I asked for a cartoony feel and he did a brilliant job.

Then for my Christmas present in 2011 Sye redesigned my logo (see image left for the two designed compared). It reflected a more mature blog, to match a more mature me.

Recently I commissioned Sye to redesign some of the old cartoon icons and create some new ones to match the new more mature style of the new logo. He did a fantastic job and created some amazing illustrations. Here are the old icons, redesigned, based on the brief I gave him:


Left: Old Goals/Adventures Illustrative Icon, Right: New Goals/Adventures Illustration.


Left: Old Books Illustrative Icon, Right: New Books Illustration.


Left: Old Photos Illustrative Icon, Right: New Photos Illustration.


Left: Old Celebration/Good Times Illustrative Icon, Right: New Celebration/Good Times Illustration.


Left: Old Home Illustrative Icon, Right: New Home Illustration.


Left: Old Paganism Illustrative Icon, Right: New Paganism Illustration.

And here are the new illustrations:


New: Blogging/iMac/Contact Illustration.


New: Cats Illustration.


New: Diabetes/Health Illustration.


New: Friends & Family Illustration.


New: Films/Movies Illustration.


New: Gay/Gay World Illustration.


New: Love & Relationships Illustration.


New: Financial/Money Illustration.


New: Technology Illustration.


New: Creative Writing Illustration.

Sye Watts is a truly Talented Illustrator. Professional throughout the process. He allowed me to sign off on the work – so that all of the illustrations were exactly as I want them and exceeded my expectations in all regards.

If you need an Illustrator I would without any hesitation recommend Sye Watts. He does a wide range of work including: logo design, illustrations, posters, comics, personalised gifts, etc. Sye is friendly and helpful – so please get in touch with him if you have a project that you think will utilise his talent, skill and knowledge.

I’ve used the illustrations for the background of the blog, along with selected ones at the top of various pages.

I’m also excited to announce that I’ve used some of the illustrations to create a new page Blog By Topic. Blog By Topic is an easy way to view blog posts by topics, categories or tags.

Blog soon,


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