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A Crystal Grid

By Wednesday 15 August 2012Paganism

I use Crystal Grids whenever I’m doing something complicated or requiring an extra boost of power when working with crystals. Here’s a video that explains what crystal grids are and how to create one:

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I’d add to the video that charging a Crystal Grid with emotions makes it much more effective. For example if you’re creating a crystal grid for happiness, take a memory of when you were last truly ecstatically happy in your mind. Feel the emotion in your heart charka then let the memory go. Visualise the happiness feeling as a golden energy in your heart charka and then direct the energy down your arm into your hand and then into your crystals.

I use a Crystal Grid to protect my home, having crystals dotted about my apartment to one central quartz cluster that’s at the centre of the grid. It connects them all, charges them all and makes sure they are doing their job. Anybody who works with crystals and hasn’t used a Crystal Grid, I’d recommend giving it a try.

I thought that I had come up with the Crystal Grid idea all on my own, but after seeing the above video whilst searching for something else on YouTube recently I realised that I hadn’t. It was obvious that I’d read about Crystal Grids in one of my many crystal books years ago and that my subconscious had saved the idea until I needed it.

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Edited: Saturday 6th May 17: Changed video as previous video now offline.

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