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Dissertation Module Results

By Wednesday 8 June 2011Education

I recently recieved my Dissertation Module results. I got: 60%, which isn’t bad considering all that’s been going on my life recently (see My Darling Baby Brother & Grief).

I also asked about how they determine my overall level of degree. Out of the 6 modules they take the 5 with the highest marks and divide by 5. This means I am likely to get a 2:1. Makes me wish I’d worked hard in my first two modules, rather than just being happy to do the minimum required to pass. Never mind, a 2:1 isn’t a bad and leaves room to improve.

Take care,


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  • Dean says:

    Well done Antony! A 2:1 is great!
    Keep it up!

    Hope to see you in the not too distant future!


  • Graham says:

    Although I am a relatively new reader of your journal, may I congratulate you on your degree. It is a to your credit that you set out to do the degree and you have now achieved it. Well done.

  • Sye says:

    It’s all on the up and up, and considering times are going to get a lot harder, it will come in very handy. Well done!


  • Antony says:

    Hi Dean, Graham and Sye,

    Thanks for the comments! Graham, how did you find my blog?

    A x

  • Graham says:

    I think that I found your blog through a post that you had done on on gay banker. At least that is how I think I found you.

    I started reading and found you very interesting so am going to stay with it as one of my bookmarked blogs or journals

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