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Another Windows Update

By Monday 12 September 2011Technology

A screen I see far too often these days!

I’m frustrated.

It seems that everyday when I shut down my laptop I see the screen above. “Installing an Update” it says, more like “Installing Another Update.” I’m a windows user by default, it’s what I’ve been brought up with. But I’m getting fed up of Windows installing updates with nothing changing or improving for me as a user. All that seems to happen is that my laptop gets slower and slower. If I was cynical, I could be thinking that Windows deliberately release updates that slow down computers, forcing users to upgrade.

What I’ve discovered with my iphone is that Apple only update their software occasionally. When Apple do update you see the changes and understand why they’ve made them. An added bonus with Apple is that the new updates don’t slow down the performance of the machine. In fact if Apple were clever and reduced their prices (Apple laptops, PC’s, etc. are very VERY expensive), I’d be a full fledged Apple user. In fact I think a large number of people would as well.

Just sharing my frustrations,


(Image Copyright of justlooking @ Flickr.)

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  • Sye says:

    Hey Antony,

    I get why your frustrated and my somewhat reasonable comment might not help things, but I figured I’d offer a view point you might not have considered.

    I would argue 90% to 95% of the viruses and hacks, trojans, keyloggers and other malicious software that are written and sent out over the internet these days are designed specifically for Windows. While more and more people will now be taking advantage of the increasing number of Mac users, this is still an issue with PC’s and windows laptops. If you check your update list I’d imagine most of the updates will be security updates.

    It stands to reason that windows faces the most updates in any given month, but I would argue this is because for years they have been the top system, and the ones targeted by pirates and other baddies. Mac doesn’t need to worry about all these security updates because they still are not as popular as Windows, this would probably be due to, as you mentioned, the price.

    With a Mac, you’ll be spending a thousand pounds on the software and hardware. These tend not to change too drastically and you buy new ones when they are released (every season, or every year at least.) With Windows, new versions take a few years to release, but the major updates (offered in service packs) are free, add this to the fact that you can upgrade your hardware and run the same consistently upgrading software and I think the value for money tips in windows’ favour.

    Just a thought 😛 I too have been considering buying a Mac, but decided against it. Mainly for the reasons stated above.

    S x

  • Antony says:

    Hi Sye,

    You know I always welcome your comments. I understand that the vast majority of Viruses, Trojans, Worms, etc. are targeted at Windows users. And I do understand the need for Windows to update to combat these. Nevertheless it doesn’t make it any less frustrating, when all of a sudden your system slows down massively.

    What I find really interesting is that the government are only just recognising and responding to the “cyber threat.” Surely anyone with a little foresight could see that Technology was going to play a bigger role in our lives. There were signs: increased investment in technology companies, children being taught IT at school – with many schools making it a compulsory GCSE, etc.

    I think both Windows and Macs have their own Pros and Cons. I think the majority of people only consider “user experience” when using technology and that security isn’t their biggest concern. I think technology companies have a massive challenge in keeping systems secure and safe (in a time when attacks are becoming more complex) and maintaining the user experience.

    Nice as always to hear you thoughts. Speak soon,

    A x

  • Sye says:

    I agree with you on the user experience thing, which for me is one of a few very valid selling points. What I think SHOULDN’T be a selling point (but unfortunately IS) is the brand name popularity.

    The world needs smart consumers!

    S x

  • Antony says:

    I know but it’s hard to be a smart consumer when they are soo pretty! lamo.

    A x

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