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A BIG Thank You

By Sunday 5 June 2011The Web

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you to my friend Sye who with his wonderful CSS coding skill has made my blog look less a collection-of-floating-boxes by putting it all together. He is fantastic and making it look better has inspired me to write some new blog posts. So keep an eye out over the next few weeks – you don’t know what you might miss!

Oh and I’ve updated the Photos page and added the Book List 2011 page.

Write soon,


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  • Sye says:

    You flatter me Mr. Simpson! I had a few more idea’s in mind that perhaps we can discuss the next time we are free?

    – S

  • Antony says:

    I don’t give praise I feel not due Sye, so please take it as a complement.

    Yes, I will Facebook message you now – for some privacy.

    I am deliberately idea-less as of yet as am waiting to see what happens with my job. But it would be great to hear your ideas!

    A x

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