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My SERIOUS list for the Future

By Friday 12 February 2010Thinking

Dear Future,

    This is my serious list of things I’d like to see happen when you arrive:

  • A cure for cancer, diabetes and other debilitating illnesses & diseases
  • People to care more, to realise in the inter-web of life we are all connected
  • People to work less, focusing their time on living a happy life
  • People to work together rather than against one another
  • People to be emotionally open and honest with themselves and others
  • People to take more responsibility for their actions
  • People realising that no matter how much you discuss (or push-my-religion-down-your-throat) it doesn’t work
  • Politicians and the like to drop the politics and work for the people who elected them
  • For money to become less important
  • For true equality
  • For education to be freely available for all
  • For society to have less regulation & rules as these seem to create barriers and would lead to a freer society
  • The ARTS (music, film, writing, media, sculpting, in fact anything creative) being respected and valued

Anything you’d add? I’m sure there’s plenty I’ve left out.

Take Care,


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  • Sye says:

    The end of prejudice and discrimination. x

  • Mike says:

    It’s a lovely list. We know we CAN do it! All it takes, as your list implies it work. So I would add or paraphrase three things:

    1) empathy. Realising the impact you have on others; trying to see the other’s point of view. Wait your turn in the queue, try to think positively of people, make your impact on the world a beneficial one
    2) argument. Education is more than a list of kings, dates and battles; have an interest in the world and make your opinion an informed one. Never assume someone who disagrees is wrong; never presume your choice should be forced on everyone else
    3) science. I do fear it is the poor cousin to the arts [said the physicist :-)]. There are many ways to unlock the mysteries of the world and our own minds. Everyone shoulkd have as much opportunity to experiment with the world scientifically as they can artistically.

    Cor, that’s a long comment. I must be sickening for something 😉

  • Antony says:

    Sye and Mike both very good ideas.

    Mike I love your long comments, always so wise that come from personal experience.

    A x

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