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Your questions answered

By Friday 27 February 2009The Web

A few months back I installed a script on this Word Press blog to collect stats.

One of the most interesting things that it collects is the key words people use to find my site. So here we go:

You searched for: antony simpson
Who am I? I am a gay, pagan who likes to have adventures.

You searched for: there
Sorry I don’t know what you were searching for. Try emailing me and maybe I can help.

You searched for: votes
You may have found The results are in! You can vote on my mini poll on the side bar.

You searched for: energy
You may have been looking for the energy of the universe, relating to my paganism beliefs.

You searched for: bankcock
I don’t think you were looking for my site! The only link I’ve got is Lady Boys of Bangkok Amazing, updates!

You searched for: pagan camp may 9th 2009
Don’t know anything about it sorry! Try WitchVox.

You searched for: russell howard gay
As far as I am aware Russell Howard isn’t gay. (I know I was disapointed too.) The reason for me saying this is because he mentions him and his brother having girl friends in his latest tour.

You searched for: david
Not sure which David you wanted. David is my lovely boyfriend see Tags – David.

You searched for: slumdog
Yes the films fantastic and all of it’s recent awards demonstrate this. And to think they struggled at a time to get it shown in the cinemas. (They talked of just the dreaded “immediate dvd release.”) See my post: Slumdog Millionaire.

So there you go, some of your questions answered. If you have any (that are decent enough to publish) post a comment and I’ll post a comment back answering them!

Write soon,


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